VISA Information

1. Review the general information on the official government website for e-visa applications:

2. Refer to the links below to check your nationality eligibility before applying:

3. Complete the application for E-visa here: National Web Portal on E-Visa Page.

  • Visas are valid for 90 days from issue, so it is recommended to apply for the visa at least 4 weeks before travel.
  • Approval of the application approval results in a government letter sent directly to the visitor (see below photo).
  • With the given letter, the visitor will be allowed to enter the country on arrival.
4. Check the status of your eVisa here:


  • Be sure to include your entire name(s) as listed on your passport.  For example, if you have a middle name, include it next to your first name.
  • The site can be a little hard to use and you may need to refresh the browser at times.
  • If the “next” button on the first page does not work, try another browser and look for a confirmation box to check
  • Be sure to use a different photo for your portrait photograph than the one you have for your passport

Need some help?

ISHMC, the hosting school, is able to connect you with a visa agent.

Please contact, their visa agent, for further support.

Please note all visa and agent costs are settled between you and the agent directly.

Upon Arrival

With your printed e-visa, go straight to the immigration line, show your passport and e-visa, and get your immigration stamp.

Airport Guide

Enjoy a full, detailed visual guide to baggage and transportation