Whova, our conference platform, made some last-minute changes when it comes to uploading documents to your speaker sessions.

Uploading documents is no longer supported with our current plan.


Please add a link to your speaker session that points to the documents you wish to share with your attendees.

For example, a link to a Google Drive folder with all the documents you wish to share.

Step By Step (if needed)

  1. Upload your documents to a Google Drive folder or other sharable storage system such as DropBox or Microsoft Office
  2. Find the email that Whova sent to you that allows you to update your speaker session. It is a special link that is unique to each speaker.  
    1. It looks something like this: https://whova.com/xems/engage/speaker/senia_202403/35384200/?code=11a01f4d5f69521c2e
  3. Copy the link to the storage folder
    1. Double-check check the link is open for all to view
  4. Add the link in the description section of your presentation.
    1. Optional: Use the “link” button to make it a clickable link.  Makes it a little easier for people.
  5. Hit save and let people know they can find links to documents in the description.


  1. What if I can’t find that email with the link to my speaker profile?
    1. No worries, contact Michael Boll (admin@seniainternational.org) and he will send you that link.
  2. What if I don’t have a storage system such as Google Drive?
    1. No worries, email documents to Michael Boll (admin@seniainternational.org) and he will take care of it for you.

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